Our strategy is to invest into five distinct areas in Zimbabwe’s telecom sector. They are:-

  • Mobile Voice and Data Services
  • Government Project Implementation
  • Location Based Technology Services
  • Investing in existing ICT Companies and Greenfield Projects
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure

Why Zimbabwe? Zimbabwe provides a unique investment opportunity for the discerning investor in Africa. The decline of the Country in the last decade is directly attributable to inappropriate economic management decisions by Government.  Zimbabwe’s basic underlying infrastructure remains reasonably sound unlike other African countries that generally have to rebuild after decades of civil war.

With the relative stabilization of the political arena and the currency conversion to United States Dollars, there is an exciting opportunity to invest into an almost untapped market.

Why Telecom? There has been relatively little investment or development in the Zimbabwe Telecoms sector for at least the past decade beyond basic MNO Infrastructure. There has been no cohesive strategy for sector development and technology penetration into the market is sporadic and patchy. Consider the penetration rates of Telecommunication Services in Zimbabwe today.

The Ministry of Information Technology and Communications has drawn up a five-year budget of circa US$ 250 million to modernize and update the sector but Government simply does not have the funds available and are unlikely to be able to raise them at this stage. Investment with good local management should be able to add value to new high-end technical and data services in this sector. Furthermore, local operators are actively seeking opportunities to grow market share through innovation.