Ok so maybe there are a few opportunities to invest in Zim…but are there enough?

Posted on March 2, 2011

At the outset let me say “of course there are…otherwise we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing”.

However, you’re not likely to simply take my word for it, so I’ll try to explain why I say that.

First of all, there are the more obvious reasons, such as the second largest platinum deposits in the world, major coal and gas reserves, a nice little pocket or two of alluvial diamonds, fantastic gold deposits and a plethora of other minerals in abundance.

But then you knew that.

We also have large tracts of underutilised fertile agricultural land, but no doubt you know about that too.

Then there’s tourism…. Great natural beauty, world heritage sites, the big 5, developed infrastructure, superb facilities…. Nothing new there either.

We have a hardworking population with a good basic education… everyone knows that.

We also had a manufacturing sector that was the envy of Africa north of the Limpopo, and at one time the market cap of our Stock Exchange exceeded nine Billion US$…. down now to around three!!! ..maybe that’s news to you.

And then there’s our general infrastructure, better that most African countries, which you had probably heard but unless you have been to the others wouldn’t necessarily know.

But perhaps what you really didn’t know was this;

Over the last ten years plus of decay this country has been held together by the creative, resolute and improbable determination of what is really a very small group of committed Zimbabweans, who against all odds believe that one day this country, will again be great.

These people have invested everything they own, have lived off capital, have built while others have destroyed and have believed when others have given up hope.

One very good example of this can be found in the Mobile Telecoms space. Although not without their problems, the operators have built and maintained formidable infrastructure that is now crying out for savvy investors, (could that be you?) backing smart value added services companies ( that certainly is us) to capitalise on this magnificent Greenfield of opportunity.

It’s a well-kept secret just waiting for us to exploit it… I bet you didn’t know that!

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