Matamba Anonaka Technology Holdings launches new website to coincide with EuroMoney Zimbabwe Investment Conference

Posted on March 7, 2011

Matamba Anonaka Technology Holdings (MATHs), the first technology focused Venture Capital Company in Zimbabwe, was established in 2010 with the purpose of investing in and taking early advantage of the opportunities in Zimbabwe’s pre-emerging Technology Sector.

Former Celsys Limited and Lonzim Plc executive and CEO of the Company, Mr Geoff Goss, who will be participating on the Telecoms panel at the conference, has been instrumental in the creation of the Company and the identification and development of the numerous projects and subsidiaries that Matamba Anonaka is involved in. “Having spent the last 10 months assembling a world class leadership team and identifying the primary companies and projects which we are interested in, we felt the time was now right to introduce those projects to a much wider investing audience.” said Goss. “The opportunity to contribute to the EuroMoney Zimbabwe Investment Conference has therefore come at a very good time for us and we are looking forward to being part of an exceptional event, run by an exceptional Company.” He continued, “It is also therefore an opportune time for us to establish a web presence that reaches all corners of the earth, as part our strategy to attract interest from the more speculative, pre-emerging frontier investment community.”

The first phase of the MATHs website goes live on March 8 2011 and will be regularly updated and evolved in line with the development of the Company. Commented Goss, “As a Technology focussed Company it is of primary importance to us that we use and benefit from the tools of the trade. To this end we have had to be very selective about who we appointed to manage this aspect of our business, and it is a matter of great pride and importance to us that in Big Law, we have found a Zimbabwean service provider whose standards of professionalism and quality of work would be hard to beat in any market in the world.”


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