Matamba Anonaka Technology Holdings Acquires Innovative Marketing Company

Posted on June 13, 2011

Matamba Anonaka Technology Holdings, is pleased to announce that it has recently entered into an agreement with Roll Out Ads (Pvt) Limited, to acquire the entire operating business of Roll Out Ads for a consideration of 20% of the shares of Matamba‘s wholly owned subsidiary Avigrom (Pvt) Limited with the potential of a further 20% to be issued on an earn out basis over the next 24 months.  The entire operations of Roll Out Ads will be absorbed into the Avigrom subsidiary Matamba Messaging Services (Pvt) Ltd.

Roll Out Ads is best known for its till roll advertising business called Gikko ( which was launched late last year and is rapidly gaining countrywide momentum.  This new advertising and promotions medium not only adds a big splash of colour to the drudgery of the daily shop, but also adds value to shoppers through the discounts and promotions that form most of the adverts.

Said Geoff Goss, Chief Executive Officer of Matamba, “This is a particularly exciting step for us as a group, as it brings with it not only a successful operating business but also the innovation of a young and funky company hungry to introduce new and creative marketing ideas into Zimbabwe.

There is an obvious and natural synergy between Gikko and our content and messaging businesses and we are delighted to be welcoming the Gikko team into our extended family where we are sure to benefit from their skills energy and enthusiasm.”

The Gikko innovation doesn’t stop at the back of a till roll however as technology and the internet are also a significant part of the company’s offerings.

Winston Taylor, Director of the newly combined company was keen to emphasise the importance of technology in creating new marketing ideas.  “A till roll is really just a medium to gather information and to invite the customer to interact with the advertisers brands,” he said.  “There is so much more we can do from that point on, especially now that we are able to access the messaging technologies, short-code services and subscription management capabilities that  the Matamba Group has been developing.”

“We are also growing our web based deal-of-the-week programmes all the time”  added co-Director Laura Breitenstein, “and being able to manage the response mechanisms with technology and to offer new ways for brands to reach a very targeted customer base not only gives them a head start on their competitors but gives us the edge too.”

This transaction continues to build on the Matamba business model of bringing together the best available global technology solutions, excellent local management and appropriate financial structuring to create entities that address carefully identified gaps in the market both quickly and profitably and with great creativity and innovation.

The new company will continue to trade under the name Gikko, and seeks to become one of the country’s leading marketing agencies.


Matamba Anonaka Technology Holdings (MATHs) is the first and only technology focused Venture Capital Company in Zimbabwe, and was established in 2010 with the objective of developing Greenfield projects with proven existing technologies in identified market gaps and for making equity investments to re-capitalise once flourishing businesses.

MATHs is a transparent investment channel that can identify opportunities and professionally manage invested equity that will generate immediate cash flows from existing operations and invest in new projects in high growth areas.

About Avigrom

Avigrom is a MATHs subsidiary company that owns 50% of the shares of Starfish Mobile Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd and 100% of the shares of Matamba Messaging Services (Pvt) Ltd.

About Roll Out Ads

Roll Out Ads is a privately owned Zimbabwean company operating under the trading name of Gikko.  The company is focussed on till roll advertising as a means to create innovative promotions using internet and mobile technologies.

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