Matamba Energy

Matamba Energy was established in 2011 with the objective of developing small and medium scale renewable and alternative energy projects in Zimbabwe. Despite a myriad of alternative energy resources in Zimbabwe, specifically Hydro and Solar, there has been inadequate investment in the area.

The Company has already identified five significant potential hydro projects which between them could produce 10Mw of much needed power, and continues to engage with international technology companies for the provision of solar and other power solutions.


Starfish Mobile Zimbabwe

Starfish Mobile Zimbabwe is a joint venture between Matamba Anonaka and Starfish Mobile International the pan‐African leader in the provision of mobile content services.

Starfish Mobile International is currently operational in 23 territories across Africa (20), Middle East (1), Asia (1) and Europe (1 MVNO) and develops, maintains, and hosts VAS Services & Content for delivery over GSM for Mobile Operators.


Roll Out Ads (Pvt) Ltd

In June 2011 MATHs acquired Roll Out Ads incorporating the brand Gikko and merged it with the company’s InfoBip messaging services business. Gikko is a new medium marketing agency that has implemented till roll advertising country wide and is looking to introduce short code and other technology driven response mechanisms to till roll based promotions. The company has also developed a web based ‘deal of the week’ promotion campaign and is able to extend these offerings through its association with InfoBip and Starfish.

Roll Out Ads is the country partner of InfoBip Limited and has already launched an online bulk messaging service for Zimbabwean entities wanting to communicated with large numbers of recipients and is also negotiating other agreements with local Telco’s and financial institutions.


ComTainer-Lab (Pvt) Ltd

ComTainer-Labs is a company developing a model that will be able to deliver on the vision of National access to IT education and resources through a radical adaptation of an existing concept:

ComTainer-Labs, Empowering communities, Transforming lives, Creating wealth.

A ComTainer-Lab is a refurbished 40‘ Container, converted into a PC Lab for use by schools during the mornings and doubles as a community centre/internet cafe and Tuckshop at other times.  Each unit is managed by a Franchise Entrepreneur drawn from the community trained in basic computer operations and shop management.  Full support in terms of financial management and supply chain logistics are handled by ComTainer-Labs on an on-going basis.


ZimTowers (Pvt) Ltd

The Company ZimTowers (Pvt) Ltd has been established in Zimbabwe as the first independent tower company focussed on building and renting to multiple telecoms entities, towers and other passive infrastructure.

Formed by bringing together a consortium of local management, international telecoms consultants, regional technical tower experts and innovative financial structures the Company provides the most appropriate solution for this market, addressing all of the necessary requirements for operating successfully in this space.


Goodbook Investments (Pvt.) Ltd

Goodbook Investments (Pvt.) Ltd was established in 2004 as an incubator for small businesses which was re-constituted in 2009 after dollarization with the objective of establishing and growing small businesses until they are able to operate independently of the parent.

To date the company is currently incubating the Glen Lorne Cellars Wine and Spirits Club and the CGP study guide retailer.

In 2013 a division was established to distribute Toshiba Audio Visual products at which point MATHs acquired a 28% stake in the business to leverage both human and financial resources for the benefit of the company.

The company is authorized to distribute televisions, audio equipment and domestic appliances and anticipates growing the range of products and brands over the coming months.