2012 With a Bang

Posted on January 24, 2012

Well the telecoms industry seems to have got off to a roaring start this year.  Econet, via Liquid Telecom acquires ZOL in a move that promises to make all ISP’s and IAP’s sit up and take notice, Telecel are all over the news with the departure of an entire management team, a new (temporary) boss and a brand new livery, while NetOne are particularly quiet.  But still waters run deep they say so keep watching that space.

The ZOL/Liquid deal looks pretty good.  Econet have never really been able to make Ecoweb work, for whatever reason, so bundling that and ZOL and the Liquid backbone makes an awful lot of sense.  Infrastructure + skills + cash makes for a market leader and the few remaining independent ISP’s must now surely be considering something similar themselves.

New people and a new brand at Telecel also augurs well for the company.  The red and white logo is similar to their Leo brand elsewhere, so that makes sense, but both are more than a tip of the hat to the Vodafone logo…..so are we to believe there is some sort of tie up there?  It seems not, and at least in this market there will be no confusion as only one of the parties is present.

So a new broom and a bit of a clean out and we should find ourselves before long with two strong MNO’s and a third with all the potential to make an impact.  This is good news for consumers, as the prices and service levels we have become accustomed to are surely no longer acceptable in an already strained economy.

Unlike Nostradamus, I do not predict the end of the world as we know it this year, but rather a meaningful improvement in customer experiences in the sector, being better prices, better access, better service and generally all round improvement.  If only the same could be said for all other aspects of our socio/political/economic environment.


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