"Matamba Anonaka" means succulent and abundant fruit symbolic of the investment opportunities we are pursuing in Zimbabwe

About Us

Matamba Anonaka Technology Holdings (MATHs), the first technology focused Venture Capital Company in Zimbabwe, was established in 2010 as a joint venture between Rutland Consultants of Zimbabwe and Bridge‐Connect of Germany.

MATHs’ objective is to invest and take early advantage of the opportunities in Zimbabwe’s pre‐emerging Technology Sector.

Our Zimbabwean expertise combines with our strategic partnership with Telecoms expert consultancy group, Bridge‐Connect, whose field of influence reaches across the globe, to enhance our ability to identify, structure and manage profitable venture capital opportunities.

Meet the Team



Zimbabwe provides a unique investment opportunity for the discerning investor in Africa. The decline of the Country in the last decade is directly attributable to inappropriate economic management decisions by Government. Zimbabwe’s basic underlying infrastructure remains reasonably sound unlike other African countries that generally have to rebuild after decades of civil war.

With the relative stabilization of the political arena and the currency conversion to United States Dollars, there is an exciting opportunity to invest into an almost untapped market.

Investment criteria

We invest in existing predominantly technology‐driven businesses with a track record or Greenfield “start‐ups” in a proven growing market and/or with an internationally recognized product, service and partner.

We invest where management can demonstrate a sound strategy, business model and expertise to deal competently with the unexpected and offer sustainable competitive advantage. Ideally we look to invest a minimum of 35% ownership.